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Event Background

In recent years, the global automotive industry is welcoming new variables. Artificial intelligence promotes the development of convergence, the wave of electricization is surging, the unmanned driving is in the ascendant, and the sharing of travel is gradually gaining popularity. In the new round of scientific and technological revolution, the global automotive industry has undergone tremendous changes from thinking concept to business model. The industry is welcoming the key stalls of transformation and upgrading. The competition in the automotive industry is, in the final analysis, the competition of talents, and it will occupy the high-end local talents of the future development of the automotive industry. Some insiders said that how to activate the "one pool of spring water" of local talents by changing the adaptability of the talent cultivation system, and redefining the automobile talents in the new era will be one of the "winners" that determine the future of China's automobile industry.

After research, domestic auto companies generally reflect that the shortage of talent is the norm in the auto industry. The reason is that the automobile industry is developing too fast, and the speed of talent cultivation cannot keep up with the needs of industrial development. The total amount of talents does not match the development status of industrial powers, which is a major problem facing the development of China's automobile industry. There is a common problem in the automotive industry all over the world. The talents cultivated based on traditional automotive engineering education cannot meet the actual needs of the current automotive industry. This is a worldwide problem. Therefore, the cultivation of automobile talents also needs a revolution.

Supervised by the Auto Telents Committee of China Talents Society, co-organized by Polaris and CAHRD, and endorsored by Jiading Auto Talents Society and Yanzhi Auto Tech New Media, 3rd China Auto Human Resource Summit will be held in August 2019 in Shanghai. As an industry leading communication platform, China Auto Human Resource Summit will continue to serve the core management and personnel departments of the automotive industry and win the human resource plan for participating guests. Under the theme of “New Manpower, New Management, How HR Takes Advantage of the Trend?”, we will conduct in-depth discussions on the hot topics of auto manufacturers and spare parts factories in the new situation, cross-border and tradition, breakouts and challenges.





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Event Highlight



The Attendees:

300+decision makers and HR directors from




Participants Breakdown:

27%+of attendance from core management and

55%+from HR department.



The Speaker Faculty:

20+global powerful speakers with a combined experience of over 500 years in the industry.



The Networking Opportunity:

16hours of networking time including welcome dinner,

champagne roundtables, VIP lunches and open Q&As.

Event Structure

Day One Plenary 30th July AM

Opening Remarks
Session 1. New Trends of Auto Talent Development
Con-current One-on-One Meetings
Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting

Day Two Plenary 31st July AM

Session 3. Future Cloud for Auto Human Resources
Con-current One-on-One Meetings
Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting

Day One Plenary 30th July PM

Session 2. Tradition VS Modernity
Con-current One-on-One Meetings
Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting

Day Two Plenary 31st July PM

Session 4. Salary Trend of the Automobile Industry
Con-current One-on-One Meetings
Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting
Closing Remarks

3rd China Auto Human Resource Summit 2019

Program Overview

First day of the conference
8:00 Registration
8:50 Welcome Address from the Organizing Committee
8:55 Opening Address from Chairman
Automotive Talent Trends and Change 2019
9:00 Research on the Cultivation of Automobile Talent System under the Globalization
9:30 Excellent Workforce Management to Create the Chinese Automobile Brands Leader
10:00 The Role of Competency Model Analysis in Human Resource Management
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 2019 Global Automotive Industry Human Capital Trends
11:30 The Application of Sharing Economy in HR Industry
12:00 Dynamic Definition of Automotive Talent
12:30 Luncheon
Talent Strategy under the New Era
14:00 Talent Aqusition for Rapid Development
14:30 Talent Management Model under the New Era
15:00 How Traditional Car Companies Respond to the Talent Challenge of Emerging Internet Car Companies
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Analysis of Talent Quality Requirements and Demand Types in New Energy Vehicle Industry
16:30 How do Auto Parts Companies Practice Talent Strategy
17:00 Accumulate Talent Bonus to Boost Intelligent Network Industry Upgrade
17:30 Panel Discussion: How to Break through the Talent Strategy under the New Era?
18:00 End of Day One Conference
The second day of the conference
Recruitment Training Breakthrough and Organization Development Change Management
9:00 Intelligent Evaluation, Selection and Training of Skilled Talents in the Automotive Industry
9:30 The Internet Creates a New Era of Workplace Evaluation
10:00 Recruitment and Retention of Core Talents
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Implementation Method of Innovative Talent Cultivation Based on Classification Training
11:30 The Road to Future Training - Where Does the Company Start?
12:00 Organizational Change Management Application
12:30 Luncheon
Compensation and Incentives
14:00 Exploring New Paths and Strategies for Enterprise Performance management
14:30 Analysis on the Key Problems of Enterprise Incentive Management System Reform
15:00 Design of Different Salary Incentive Model
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 How do 100-Year-Old Enterprise Motivate Talent?
16:30 Solving Employee Relationship Management with "Internet Ihinking"
17:00 New Model of Corporate Partners and Equity Option Incentives
17:30 End of Day Two Conference

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