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Hangzhou eSign Information Technology Co., Ltd.

eSign is the longest 3rd-party e-signature platform in China. We’ve been dedicated on empowering our customer with e-signature by offering e-signature services with legal force. Our goal is to facilitate business go digital and make life easier and efficient.
Our cloud-based e-signature platform provides a complete closed-loop set of e-signature services, ranging from e-signature tool suite, document management, e-evidence repository to value-added legal service. We have rich solutions covering diversified scenarios including finance, Internet+, e-commerce, manufacturing, e-government etc. We turn signature process from days to seconds, which greatly improves business efficiency and saves costs. By turning transactions into digital, we help to automate business process, connect it to all other existing IT systems. Our e-evidence architecture provides legal force, facilitate trust-building and eventually keeps business against unnecessary dispute.



Introduction to KNX

As a leading expert in China’s HCM-Cloud industry, KNX is devoted to constantly innovating, driving reform of human capital management in organization with technology and helping the enterprise to establish talent management and organization capability deeply integrated with business strategy. Based on nearly 20 years of industrial experience of KNX and its parent company, it connects the data of the organization and the employees in a new way through X Galaxy® cloud platform, big data analysis and artificial intelligent technology, thus helping the enterprise build digital close-loop system and accomplish organizational health and sustainable performance.



Workplace Options

Workplace Options is a leading integrated employee support services and work-life provider. Drawing from an international network of credentialed providers and professionals, we provide high-quality employee support and work-life services, referrals and consultation on a variety of topics, including dependent care, legal and financial issues, stress management, EAP counselling, and wellness. Our service centers located around the globe help us cover more than 65 million employees in 100,000+ organizations across more than 200 countries and territories. Since 1982, our sole focus has been on employee wellbeing.



Workplace Options

Established in 2004, eRoad Software has been dedicated in providing an integrated Mobile + Employee Services with a focus on Payroll for mid-to-large sized enterprises.
Supporting Payroll in 20+ countries, together with its Policy Library which covers updated tax policies and SI/PHF rules in 480+ cities in China, and its real-time smart compensation analysis platform based on AI technology, People+ helps enterprises to face the challenges of globalization and tax reform by providing one stop “Payroll, Social Insurance, Tax and Benefits” services. Besides, the mobile services enhance efficiency and employee satisfaction, thus make your “Pay” more valuable.
eRoad’s core management and R&D team came from SAP, ADP, CDP, Salary.com and other well-known enterprises in enterprise application development and HR services. eRoad sets up branches in Beijing, chengdu, shenzhen and the United States respectively. Now it has served 3000+ customers and more than 1,000,000 users.




As the leader of human capital management services innovation, CDP Group has created a one-stop human capital management services platform based on EcoSaaS technology. Since its establishment in 2004, CDP Group upholds its core values of “Enabling Business, Benefiting Employees" and "Enhancing Efficiency, Optimizing Costs and Ultimate User Experience". CDP group provides enterprises with an ecological services-integration platform, one-stop human capital management services and total health solutions, covering society-wide wellbeing.
CDP EcoSaaS provides a highly integrated next-generation services platform, covering the entire employee benefits and work lifecycle, providing the ultimate user experience. CDP One-Stop HCM services integrate payroll, social security, flexible staffing and global HR services etc, promote compliance efficiency and sustainable growth for enterprises by improving enterprise management and risk control. So far, CDP has provided professional human capital management services to more than 1million employees in 1,000+ enterprises worldwide, covering 35 service industries.



Beijing Labour Consulting Co., Ltd. (LABOURS)

Beijing Labour Consulting Co., Ltd. (LABOURS) established in 1995, was the very first organization specialized in legal consulting for labor affairs in China, helping enterprises to build harmonious labor relations. LABOURS has solved the problem of collective labor relations adjustment of hundreds of enterprises, dealt with more than 60 layoff projects which involved more than 100 people, and totally communicated with tens of thousands of employees. Services covers 91% of China. No matter the scale of redundancy, the negotiation time between LABOURS team and the involved employees is no more than 1 hour on average, and more than 99.3% of them achieved mutual agreement with the employer.



Heidrick & Struggles

Heidrick & Struggles (Nasdaq: HSII) serves the senior-level talent and leadership needs of the world's top organizations as a trusted advisor across executive search, leadership assessment and development, organization and team effectiveness, and culture shaping services. Heidrick & Struggles pioneered the profession of executive search more than 60 years ago. Today, the firm provides integrated leadership solutions to help our clients change the world, one leadership team at a time.




Speexx is the first intelligent language learning platform that combines assessment, learning and continuous performance support for the digital workplace. The Speexx branded Perfect Blend integrates online business communication skills assessment, mobile and social learning, 1,500 expert coaches located throughout the world and personalized live online activities into one fully standardized, globally consistent learning experience. More than 8 million users in 1,500 organizations – including UNHCR, Bosch, ATOS and Renault – use Speexx to learn a language smarter. Speexx was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Munich with offices in London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Sao Paulo, New York and Shanghai.




岱恩教育专注于企业英语培训 17 年,一直“零”广告投入。给学员和客户带来最好的学习效果和最佳的学习效率始终是岱恩的最高追求,岱恩坚持 用追求完美的匠人精神打磨自己的课程和服务,2018年岱恩产品全新升级,用领先的AI技术课程覆盖商务、汽车、金融、HR等各领域全线课程 产品,打造极致学习效果。
在中国,岱恩已经服务了上千家知名公司,包括众多的世界500强。每年都有上万的学员通过了岱恩英语课程的学习,英语能力大幅提升,轻松应 对各种工作挑战。




we have set branch offices in more than 90 countries around the world. TTI SI CHINA was founded in 2009, so far has served 300+ world’s top 500 enterprises and leading private enterprises for assessment tools providing, relevant in-house training, talent development projects and so on




Founded in 2006, Atom is a leading human resources service provider in China. The company is headquartered in Qingdao and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin and hefei.Our company is positioned as an expert in the management of industrial and intelligent manufacturing talents, and our business includes middle and high-end talent search, recruitment process outsourcing, talent assessment, talent integration training and innovation management consulting.
The company is committed to promoting the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry with talents,we focus on four industries,including new energy and new materials, automotive and general machinery, home appliances and electronics, new generation information technology.We used to provided professional and high value-added overall talent management solutions to hundreds of world's top 500 companies,the listed company and Pre-IPO and so on.



Talent Spot International

Established in 2009, Talent Spot is a professional HR solutions provider founded in China. Through the headquarter in Shanghai, Talent Spot has over 500 full-time employees with 6 branch offices in Asia Pacific Region includes Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.
With the growth of our business coming from the increasing demand of our clients’ HR services, we have operations in more than 10 branch offices across China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Tianjin, Shenyang and Xi’An. In 2015, our annual revenue reached more than RMB 800 million and we have more than 300 employees across China.
Our branch offices provide HR solutions such as temporary/permanent staffing, executive search, RPO, on-site managed recruitment, payroll services, business process outsourcing, company registration and legal consulting to multinational companies across China as well as Asia Pacific.




KeyLogic is a leading talent management consulting firm in China that provides consulting services in Strategy and Innovation, Organizational Capability, Organizational Culture, Corporate University, Leadership Development, Talent Review and Executive Assessment. Our services also include online learning such as Cloud Platform Service, and Face-to-face training focusing on leadership development. Our company is committed to providing professional consultancy on talent management with advanced insights and subject-matter experts. We have seven branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou,Xiamen and Boston, and more than 200 consultants and lecturers.




图谱天下提供的SaaS招聘业务系统不仅包括全渠道职位发布、简历同步、候选人申请、面试甄选、Offer发放等招聘后端的功能,更覆盖了雇主品牌、社交传播、渠道寻才、 人才库建设、候选人关系维护等招聘前端业务,以及入职前管理、与企业人力资源系统对接等招聘延伸后续业务,真正做到了招聘业务的“全生命周期管理”。




劳勤是亚太区劳动力管理云服务领先品牌,为企业降本增效提供涵盖智慧考勤、能效分析、智能排班、劳动力 优化整体解决方案。上海市双软企 业、高新技术企业,总部位于上海,在北京、广州、武汉、成都、杭州、郑州、沈阳等 地设有分支机构。先后获得东方富海、真顺、黑马、华创 等多轮投资。公司业务领域主要包含智慧考勤、智能排班、 能效分析、后勤福利平台、灵活用工等劳动力优化整体解决方案。



Zhuiyi Technology

Founded in March 2016, Zhuiyi Technology is the leading AI-NLP company in China. We fulfill the need of AI transformation for enterprises, covering service, operations, sales & marketing and other business scenarios. Within 3 years, Zhuiyi successfully raised funds from China Merchants Capital, Sinovation Ventures, GGV Capital, Banyan Capital and Morningside Ventures.
Zhuiyi establishes a “Tech+Application+Service”model and has turned diverse AI technologies into practice in multiple digital transformation projects, including China Merchants Bank, China Mobile, PICC, Tencent and other Chinese Fortune 500 corporations. Our AI solution helps clients reduce labor cost by 50%, increase business efficiency by 30% and improve overall sales efficiency.
With years of efforts, Zhuiyi not only deeply engages in finance, government, enterprises, TELCO, etc., but also insists on researching and developing technology to improve its core competencies, with semantics, voice, multimodal and other intelligent semantics technology. Taking Shenzhen as its radiation center, Zhuiyi has also established Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hongkong as its R&D bases, with Singapore and Minsk as layouts of its overseas talent strategy.




平南云学习公司是业界领先的在线学习平台(LMS)/在线考试系统/移动学习平台/培训管理平台提供商,汽车行业客户包括:东风汽车、比亚迪、上汽通用五菱、米其林、利星行、 立邦漆、一汽大众零部件、合众汽车等。


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