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About DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers
DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers (T&AP), a DowDuPont Specialty Products Division business, delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to the transportation, electronics, industrial and consumer markets. T&AP partners with customers to drive innovation by utilizing its expertise and knowledge in polymer and materials science. T&AP works with customers throughout the value chain to enable material systems solutions for demanding applications and environments. For additional information, visit plastics.dupont.com.
Website: http://www.dupont.cn

PERA Corporation, dedicated to the development of R&D technology, PERA provides advanced R&D technology, software, and services to companies’ product R&D cycle, helping customers by adding technical value and enhancement to their product, and improving customers’ core competitiveness.
Website: http://www.peraglobal.com/index.html

公司得到美国Stratasys、德国 Carl Zeiss、日本Roland和法国Technomark的信赖与支持,成为在中国区的一级合作伙伴和加值服务经销商。
Website: http://www.3dpt.cn/

IPG Photonics Corporation is the world leader in high power fiber lasers and amplifiers. Founded in 1990, IPG pioneered the development and commercialization of optical fiber-based lasers for use in a wide range of venues such as materials processing, telecommunications, medical, scientific and other advanced applications. Fiber lasers have revolutionized the industry by delivering superior performance, reliability and usability at a lower total cost of ownership compared with conventional lasers, allowing end users to increase productivity and decrease operating costs. IPG is headquartered in Oxford, Massachusetts with additional manufacturing plants, sales and service offices throughout the world.
Website: https://www.ipgphotonics.com/cn

SALEEN Auto is a world's top auto brand from the US.
SALEEN was established by Steve Saleen — “Master Automotive Designer of the Century” in 1983. Over the past 30 years, SALEEN has defined the ultimate through its meticulous craft and advance technologies. It is an unrelenting pursuit for superiority that makes SALEEN a leader and the uncrowned king of the world’s Sports Car rankings.
With its champion heritage and racecourse genes, world-leading R&D team, unique design, and excellent power performance and control, SALEEN perfectly embodies agility, power, speed, aesthetics and technology, and is considered as the apogee of today’s super sports cars.
Website: http://www.saleenauto.com/

RB&W Manufacturing, LLC
RB&W Manufacturing, LLC is a leader in cold-forming technology and is one of the largest producers of cold-formed parts in the U.S.
RB&W Manufacturing, LLC is one of the largest cold formed products manufacturers in the United States, which has the leading cold forming technology. We specialize in the production of cold extrusion and cold forging non-standard shape parts, now, Abida cold forming fasteners have been used in tens of millions of cars and trucks on the hundreds of key components; we continue to grow into an important partner in the automotive and automotive aftermarket customers.
Website: http://www.rbwmfg.com/

The SAERTEX Group success story began in 1982 in Germany, the leader of NCF global market. In the meantime, the company has grown to nine branch offices in eight countries. The subsidiary company SAERTEX multiCom, founded in 1996, is likewise at home in Saertex. The eighth SAERTEX location in the world was opened in October 2008 in China, located in Dongying/Shandong. All the staffs at the state-of-the-art works make NCFs for the Chinese wind energy and transportation industry.
网址: https://www.saertex.com

csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH
csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH is a development partner of the automotive industry, employs around 600 people and has its headquarter in Neckarsulm, Germany. Further branches are located in Ingolstadt, Sindelfingen, Munich, Wolfsburg, Affalterbach, Zwickau, Weissach and Winterberg (ALU-CAR).
Major automotive manufacturers and numerous system suppliers rely on csi know-how during the development of complete modules for surfaces (strak), body-in-White, exterior, interior and electronics. Focused on the product development process of the automotive industry, csi entwicklungstechnik teams also support their customers with consulting services, initial and continuing education at csi academy, as well as project management. The aim is assuring constant transparency – overarching all development phases.
网址: http://www.csi-online.de/en/

Coherent, Inc.
Founded in 1966, Coherent, Inc. is one of the world’s leading providers of lasers and laser-based technology for scientific, commercial and industrial customers. With headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, and offices spanning the globe, Coherent offers a unique and distinct product portfolio and services for scientific research, life sciences, microelectronics, and materials processing.
网址: https://cn.coherent.com/