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Driven by the global policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, China's policy has been constantly tightened. It is clear that the average fuel consumption of new passenger cars will reach 5L/100km by 2020.Among the current energy saving and emission reduction methods, vehicle lightweight is the easiest way to realize and has large potential. To be more specific, for a passenger car with gasoline, every reduction of 100kg can save up to 0.39l /100km of oil. It can be seen that the improvement of vehicle lightweight technology will have a great impact on the environment. On the other hand, the arrival of the 4.0 industrial automation era of is also called the era of big data and intelligence, and the upgrading of automobile manufacturing industry is inevitable. Automotive lightweight material upgrades. The major technological innovations of automobile will have a profound impact on intelligent manufacture.

In order to promote the development of automotive lightweight technology and intelligent matching the construction of assembly line, to share the car lightweight technology innovation and application at home and abroad experience, and the comprehensive solution to design lightweight vehicle structure and optimize the use of high strength steel, aluminum and magnesium alloys and the key problems in the process of engineering plastics and other materials, discusses the intelligent use of lightweight era.

2nd China International Vehicles Lightweight Forum 2018 is the most authoritative and largest automotive lightweight forum in 2018, which will invite more than 300 people in the industry, focusing on the automotive lightweight technology and lightweight materials having heated discussions, lightweight design, to discuss the future direction, and the process of lightweight background of intelligent vast prospect
The Organizing Committee of China Lightweight Vehicles Forum 2018
Hot Spots
  • 1. China and International Automotive Lightweight Development Direction
  • 2. New Energy Vehicle Lightweight Strategy and Technological Innovation
  • 3. Current Situation and Breakthrough in Lightweight Application of Metal Materials
  • 4. Contribution of Non-metallic Materials to Vehicle Lightweight
  • 5. Welding of Fasteners and Rivets in Lightweight Connection Process
  • 6. Laser Welding Technology Applied to the Lightweight Application of Automobiles
  • 7. Stamping Lightweight Technology and Intelligent Product Line
  • 8. Flexible and Customized Product Line
  • 9. The Prospect and Application of Digital and Intelligent Technology in Automotive Lightweight Manufacturing
  • 10. Welding Robot Intelligent Application
  • 11 3D Simulation Software
  • 12. Latest Automobile Material Forming Technology
Conference Highlights
  • - With high cost-effectiveness, focus on industry hotspots: lightweight materials、technics、process、safety
  • - Taking new energy and environmental protection as the standing point, it combine the diversified needs of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and luxury sports car.
  • - 25+Global authoritative speakers, with high degree of internationalization
  • - Longitudinal runs through upstream and downstream enterprises, horizontally focusing on market policies, and successively larger proportion of previous cooperative enterprises
  • - Supported by 30+ well-known industry media, with a customized brand solution
  • - Focus on business meetings, senior forum qualifications, and renowned on-site referral services
  • - 300+ lightweight industry professionals attending
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