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Sohu Auto
Sohu Auto(auto.sohu.com) is a leading online platform offering media information and car related services in China since June 2006. Every month, over 100 million car users use our online services including news releasing, shopping guidance, vehicle pricing, used car transaction direction and information on new energy for vehicles when they select, buy, use or trade a car. The online marketing system has well connected automakers, auto dealers and car users. With growing value in car marketing, we has gained a good reputation from the media and the public.

China Automotive Materials website
China Automotive Materials website is committed to build a technology,information, and service communication platform which related to automotive materials. The identity of China Automotive Materials website is a B2B portal in automotive material industry. The goal is to serve customers in auto industry chain.

Automobile lightweight online
Automobile lightweight online is a web site of the China Automotive Materials website. And It’s committed to spread the technology and resource on Automobile lightening. Our website appeared as a community for technology and resource exchange, in order to serving auto lightweight upstream and downstream industry.


Smart business network
Smart business network dedicated to industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing enterprise's brand value communication and optimization, business intelligence is the most intelligent share value, provide engineering machinery, communications equipment, instrumentation, electronic components, networking, 3D printing, robotics, energy conservation and environmental protection and other one-stop service for the majority of users of holographic.

Robot library
Robot with the power of the media and the Internet, library is committed to enterprise information exchange platform for robot, robot industry enterprises to provide brand advocacy, information consulting, marketing services and other services, media, industry portal media is influential robot industry.

前瞻网(www.qianzhan.com)隶属于深圳前瞻资讯股份有限公司管理运营,是中国快速崛起的科技类研究型新媒体服务平台,专注于互联网科技新风口、新趋势、新模式及案例的研究解读。前瞻网秉承“发现趋势 预见未来”的品牌理念,始终坚持“对重大科技事件和风口企业进行前瞻性解读”的风格,专注用户的阅读需求和体验,为国内外用户提供高端、多元、实用的互联网科技资讯和独到观点。

Intellgent network
Intellgent network is a website that focus on the development and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry professional information platform, with comprehensive consulting service , at a unique perspective way, collecting, analysising, combing and spreading the firsthand information of intelligent manufacturing technology and successful experience.IT and OT is fading their board in the intelligent network’s world. Visitors can assess the most professional consulting and knowledge through our website, make cross-border combination linking between science and industry.

provides the most professional domestic truck and bus information, mainly for commercial vehicle enterprises and commercialvehicle terminal users. Our news research group researches in different logistics markets and passenger stations to communicate with drivers, enterprises and passengers. Fresh new reports and surveys be given to our readers at the first time.

GASGOO, who is committed to promote the healthy and orderly development of the global automotive supply chain, is a global-leading integrated service provider in auto industry. GASGOO not only helping Chinese enterprises to enhance competitiveness and enter the international arena, but also promoting the industrial upgrading of Chinese auto supply chain, from manufacturing to intelligence manufacturing.
Website: http://cn.gasgoo.com/

Auto Review
publishing the statistics of China auto industry, analysing the industrial policy and giving an authority interpretation of the topical issues.

PR Newswire
PR Newswire (www.prnasia.com), a Cision company, is the premier global provider of media monitoring platforms and news distribution services that marketers, corporate communicators and investor relations professionals leverage to engage key audiences. Having pioneered the commercial news distribution industry in 1954, PR Newswire today provides end-to-end solutions to produce, distribute, target and measure text and multimedia content across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combining the world's largest multi-channel content distribution and optimization network with comprehensive workflow tools and platforms, PR Newswire powers the stories of organizations around the world. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.

China's new energy automobile net
China's new energy automobile net (www.chinanev.net, referred to as: CNEV) resistance is by the Shanghai enterprise management consulting co., LTD., investment operation, dedicated to new energy automobile market and related industries in the field of manufacture and use, form a complete set, for the industry of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and the masses of users to provide professional network information and the resource integration service, industry consulting, public relations, consulting business priorities, information, selection, evaluation and experience for the integration of public welfare, the professional website.

中国汽车供应商网是全球领先的汽车行业商务交流网站,为中国最优质供应商提供了对外交流的平台,也是联接中国汽车行业供应商和全球采购商的网上贸易桥梁。作为中国最大的汽车供应商网站,我们为中国供应商提供了海量的采购商信息,同时,我们为全球采 购商提供了数以万计的中国最全供应商企业信息和产品信息。

Auto 1688
To the present, Auto 1688 already has more than 600 thousand registered members and over 300 million visitors, which covered more than 150 countries and regions. The number of domestic auto spare parts manufactors and merchants (including sino-foreign joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises) registered in Auto 1688 has reached over 130 thousand. The active buyers in Auto 1688 is all over the world.

AUTO TECH(www.qicheke.com) focuses on the new technology and clean energy of the auto industry. It is an intellectual community dedicated to automobile manufacturing in the Industrie 4.0 Era and also the frontier knowledge media in China. It excavates the frontier science and technology information deeply on the aspects of the Data Report, Clean Energy, Intelligent Manufacturing, Automated Driving, Industry Trends and Character Views. It also has a profound experience and knowledge reserve on the Classical Design, Industry Case, Automotive Encyclopedia, Energy Technology Topics, etc. Based on the authority third party of the automobile industry chain, it provides the most professional and authoritative knowledge services for the auto enterprises and suppliers in the changes and opportunities brought about by the global auto industry upgrading.

The XinHangXian auto life net
To the present, Auto 1688 already has more than 600 thousand registered members and over 300 million visitors, which covered more than 150 countries and regions. The number of domestic auto spare parts manufactors and merchants (including sino-foreign joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises) registered in Auto 1688 has reached over130 thousand. The active buyers in Auto 1688 is all over the world.


Goevnts.com is a multi-platform media which is in business of creating and distributing media content obsessively profiling international business events like tradeshows, exhibitions and conferences to global audience.

China.com was established in May 1999, which is one of the earliest portals in China. It has a widespread influence, with Its voice spreading all over the global, it has now became a multi-lingual, multi-terminal, all media integrated Internet services platforms. After years of development and accumulation, China.com has become the most valuable internet marketing platform and one of the most influential new media in China.

www.315che.com is the most influential professional automotive media network in automotive shopping guide and consumer leadership. It's a subsidiary of Shanghai Zhongzhi e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd.
With the marketing strategy of “Based in Shanghai, serving East China, radiation throughout the country”, www.315che.com provides the latest market models, new car quotations, promotions, business trends, shopping guide, evaluation and other market information for the national consumers as well as professional automobile shopping guide and e-commerce services.

Interfax Business Wire Services
Interfax Business Wire Services provides a one-stop solution for companies seeking distribution and disclosure of press releases within and outside China. In association with Business Wire, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Interfax News Services brings the most comprehensive distribution and disclosure network to China. We can deliver your releases around the globe in virtually every industry sector. A member of the Interfax Information Group, the leading information provider for emerging markets, Interfax News Services has obtained a profound knowledge of, as well as insights into, the business world in the Greater China region. This deep involvement guarantees that we know exactly what you expect of your news releases and how to ensure maximum exposure.

New Materials Online
New Materials Online (www.xincailiao.com) is a portal, media and think tank focusing on new materials, devoting to forge the top portal in new materials industry, the top brand on new material research and consult, the top service platform and the professional advisory organization providing innovative solutions in new materials industry.

The car arena network
The car arena network, professional portal network of the car, for each of the models tailored to auto channel, covering the new car price, depth evaluation of shopping guide and car owners do feel, into the car car smell, test drive, theme comparison shopping guide, shopping guide, the owner said the car, the car, car quotes, car pictures, many dealers. A forum.