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Shale gas sparked an energy revolution in the United States, helping end a reliance on imports and making the nation an energy superpower. Yet while China eyes its own shale revolution, the world’s largest energy consumer is seeing its production targets rapidly evaporate as it confronts enormous technological and market challenges. China is in the early stages of a fracking revolution, attempting to copy the rise in U.S. shale-gas production in an effort to combat unhealthy levels of pollution and meet a surge in energy demand. By 2020, China—the world’s largest energy consumer—aims to produce 30 billion cubic meters of shale-gas a year, up from the current level of 1.3 billion cubic meters.

Under its 12th Five-Year Plan, China set a target of doubling natural gas in primary energy consumption to 8.3 percent by 2015, producing 6.5 bcm annually and as much as 60 to 100 bcm by 2020. The move is part of a shift away from its heavy reliance on coal-fired power, which accounts for around 70 percent of energy consumption. Gas-fired power stations generate around half the emissions of equivalent coal-fired power stations, making gas an important part of the government’s push to clean China’s polluted cities.

4th China International Shale Gas Summit 2015 (CISGS 2015), Asia’s leading shale gas conference scheduled for 29 – 30 October 2015 in Beijing, will continue to serve as the leading platform for major industry players to establish winning China strategies. Under the theme of “In China, an Opportunity for More Progress in Shale Gas Extraction”, we will address the most crucial issues which determine your performance objectives in China. CISGS 2015 will help you to better analyze of China’s dynamic shale gas industry and further identify the strategic role of China in your global business plan.

  • The Attendees:
    270+ satisfied senior attendees comprising decision makers from 90+ companies and over 20+ countries worldwide.
    Participants Composition:
    17%+ of attendance from the gas authorities and 47%+ from oil & gas companies.
    The Speaker Faculty:
    30+ global powerful speakers with a combined experience of over 500 years in the industry.
    The Networking Opportunity:
    16+ hours of networking time including cocktail receptions, champagne roundtables, VIP lunches and open Q&As.
  • Sector
    ● IOC/NOC
    ● Shale Gas Company
    ● Geophysical Exploration Company
    ● Onshore Drilling Service Company
    ● Onshore E&P Equipments Supporter
    ● Shale Gas Equipment Provider
    ● Law Firm
    ● Investment Bank
    ● Others
    ● Chairman/President/CEO
    ● Senior Vice President/Vice President
    ● General Manager
    ● Chief Engineer/Director
    ● Chief Representative
    ● Analyst
    ● Lawyer/Legal Consultant
    ● Others
Kang Yuzhu
Member, Committeeof Science andTechnology
Li Yuxi
Expert in Oil and Gas Resources Strategy Research Center
Tang Tingchuan
Director of Development Strategy, Policy Research Office
Ye Dengsheng
General Manager
Li Liang
Vice General Manager, Gas Resource Development
Troy Fields
Unconventional Resources Director
Michael D. Zuber
Advisor - Unconventional Resources
Usman Ahmed
Vice President and Chief Reservoir Engineer
Daniel Bien
Fluids Market Development Support Leader Asia Pacific
Wang Jin
Director of Institute of International Energy,International Cooperation Center
Chris Faulkner
Chief Executive Officer
Yang Kun
Chief Engineer, Oil and Gas Development Branch
President and CEO
Greg Dolan
Acting CEO
Chris Usher
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Pan Jiping
Expert in Oil and Gas Resources Strategy Research Center
Pan Shewei
Olga Minina
Senior Expert in Energy Department
Craig Spurn
Craig Spurn
Shale Gas Researcher and Sedimentologist at Exploration Division
Bao Shujing
Lu Baoping
Jiang Tingxue
Expert at Reservoir Reconstruction Institute
Zhang Shuli
Chief Enginner
Fred Arasteh
Global Technical Subsurface Director
Nathan Meehan
Senior Advisor
Xian Chenggang
Principal Reservoir Engineer
Xu Yun
Deputy Chief Engineer
Advisory Board
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Day One Plenary
16th October AM
Opening Remarks Session 1. Bigger Picture: What are the Key Drivers for the World’s Shale Energy Outlook in 2016? Con-current One-on-One Meetings Coffee Break &Exhibition Visiting
16th October PM
Session 2. Project Showcase: What Are the Lessons Learned and How Can These Enhance Operational Efficiency? Con-current One-on-One Meetings Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting
Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner (Sponsor Reserved)
Day Two Plenary
17th October AM
Session 3. Latest Technology Trends in Shale Development Con-current One-on-One Meetings Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting
17th October PM
Session 4: International Prospects: The Very Latest Updates from Globe Con-current One-on-One Meetings Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting Coffee Break & Closing Remarks
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