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Invitation Letter

In 2018, driverless technology has once again become a hot issue at home and abroad - the Google unmanned vehicle project has surfaced and will commercialize its driverless taxi business this year. The traditional car giant Toyota launched the concept of driverless business. At the same timeToyota announced that it was “no longer a car factory”. At the beginning of the year at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the auto-driving technology occupied half of the world, in the global car companies, unmanned technology has begun to rise in all directions. No matter it is Apple, Uber, Baidu and other internet technology companies, or traditional car companies like Daimler, BMW, or new star such as NIO are betting on the future of autonomous driving.

Organized by Yanzhi Automotive Technology New Media, supervised by SAE-China Intelligen Transportation Committee, Global Autonomous Driving Key Technology Development Summit will be held in Shanghai on January 17-18, 2019. Nearly 300 industry professionals from vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, well-known internet companies, intelligent network core technology providers and government officials from all over the world will be invited to discuss the challenges, opportunities and countermeasures for autonomous driving.

Here, we warmly invite you to join “Global Autonomous Driving Key Technology Development Summit”

Organizer Committee of Global Autonomous Driving Key Technology Development Summit




  • Intelligent New Energy Vehicle Collaborative Innovation Center


  • SAE-China Intelligen Transportation Committee


  • Shanghai Autorush Information Technology Co., Ltd

Event Highlight

Days Summit

4 major sessions

Focus on the latest developments in autonomous driving

Eminent Speakers

powerful delegates from intelligent transportation committee and major

vehicle OEM and first-tier component supplier


professionals in the autonomous driving industry at home and abroad

autonomous driving development trend and policy analysis
autonomous driving environment awareness and intelligent control
internet of vehicles technology promotes autonomous driving
discussion on ADAS driving assistance system and solution

Event Structure

Jan 17 Thursday AM

Autonomous Driving Development Trend and Policy Analysis

Jan 18 Friday AM

Internet of Vehicles and Information Interaction

Jan 17 Thursday PM

Environmental Sensing Sensor Technology

Jan 18 Friday PM

ADAS Driving Assistance System

Global Autonomous Driving Key Technology Development Summit

Program Overview

Day 1, January 17, 2019
8:50 Welcome Address by the Organizer
8:55 Opening Remarks by the Chairman
Autonomous Driving Development trend and Policy Analysis
9:00 Overview of Chinese and Foreign Autonomous Driving Cars Development and Policy Analysis
9:30 Autonomous Driving Standard Regulations and Test Evaluation
10:00 Application and Development of Key Technologies for Autonomous Driving (for reference)
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Opportunities and Challenges in the Age of Intelligent Driving
11:30 BORGWARD Autonomous Driving Research and Development Process and Development Direction
12:00 WM Motor Autonomous Driving Layout and Planning
12:30 Luncheon
Autonomous Driving Environment Awareness and Intelligent Control
14:00 Valeo Autonomous Driving Sensor Core Technology Innovations
14:30 Solid-State Lidar Technology Solution Sharing (for reference)
15:00 Research on Development of Vehicle Depth Notification Visual System
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Research on Environmental Sensing and Intelligent Control Technology of Autonomous Driving Passenger Cars
16:30 Millimeter Wave Radar Latest Development Process (for reference)
17:00 Sensor Fusion Technology Empowers Autonomous Driving Vehicle Environment Sensing
17:30 End of Summit
Day 2, January 18, 2019
Internet of Vehicles Technology Promotes Autonomous Driving
9:00 5G Technology Helps Autonomous Driving Future Development
9:30 Development and Evolution of V2X Technology
10:00 Development and Trend of High-Precision Maps for Autonomous Driving at (for reference)
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 NavInfo's New Comprehensive Transformation of Autonomous Driving : Building a Smart Car Brain
11:30 Car Network Information Security and Risk Avoidance
12:00 Human-Computer Interaction Technology Enhances the Automatic Driving Experience
12:30 Luncheon
Discussion on ADAS Driving Assistance System and Solution
14:00 GAC driverless road
14:30 Latest Advanced Autonomous Driving Assistance System (for reference)
15:00 The Latest Development of Bosch Automatic Parking System
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Apollo 2.0 Operation Introduction and Analysis
16:30 Autonomous Driving Platform Solution Discussion (for reference)
17:00 SAIC Volkswagen's Driving Assistance and Intelligent Driving Technology Research and Development Status and Development
17:30 End of Summit

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