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The automotive seating is one of the longest-running configurations we've ever had on a car, and the seat's function is shifting from focus on initial fulfillment of the driving to safety and comfort. Today, with the improvement of automobile quality, the car seating is no longer a "stool" for providing simple support, but has been integrated with many unexpected technologies. Automotive seating plays an important role in the vehicle safety. When a collision occurs, the seat, seat belt and the airbag are required to be well matched so as to effectively protect occupants.
China's automotive industry is developing rapidly in recent years, and will also develop steady in the future, so it will have a lot of demand for automotive seating, there is still huge room for development of passenger car seating industry in the future. Judging from the development trend, the trend of joint ventures is obvious. In the future, local enterprises will gradually cooperate with foreign enterprises in joint ventures and purely local enterprises will disappear. In addition, for the future of China's passenger car seating industry, vehicle manufacturers will cultivate multiple suppliers, self-owned brand product supply market will be highly competitive, foreign enterprises will cut prices, local enterprises will gradually merge with foreign enterprises.
Organized by China Polaris Consulting Co., Ltd., supported by People Government of Anting Town and Yanzhi Automotive Technology New Media, China Automotive Seating Summit 2019 will be held in Shanghai, China on 14th-15th March, 2019. The forum will gather about 260 + industry experts, including OEMs, seating manufacturers, seating spare parts manufacturers, and so on, it will have deep discussion for their innovations in their respective territory.


China Polaris Consulting Co., Ltd.
China Polaris Consulting Co., Ltd.

China Polaris Consulting Co., Ltd. is the integrated service provider for automotive industry. We focus on new energy vehicle, intelligent connected vehicle, car design, automotive human resources management and other sections. Over the past five years, we have provided conference and exhibition, technicaltraining, site tour and consulting, resource docking, investment and financing and other services for more than 6,000 enterprises and institutions around the world. We have professional planning, marketing, customer service team, with independent service brand, and we also undertake large-scale service project for government, associations, universities, enterprises.

Our strategic partners are Anting Town People's Government of Jiading District Shanghai, Mianyang Municipal People’s Government, School of Automotive Studies of Tongji University, University of Michigan —Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute, National Center of Supervision and Inspection on New Energy Motor Vehicle Product Quality, Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific, Telematics Industry Application Alliance, China Association for Mechatronics Technology & Application, China Auto Talents Society, China Automotive Industry Training Base, Shanghai International Automobile City, National Auto and Parts Export Base, etc.

Jiading District people's Government of Shanghai

From the birth of China's first-generation car to the Shanghai International Automobile City, from the F1 China Grand Prix, to the opening of the country's  first intelligent connected vehicle pilot demonstration zone...Anting Town, Jiading District, witnessed the Chinese automotive industry The development of  change has also become a veritable "first town of Chinese cars."

Last year, Anting was awarded a “Town with Chinese Characteristics”. Based on the industry and with the theme of automobiles, Anting builds a “Car  Future Town”, explores the integration of people, cars and cities, and builds an industrial town, a vibrant town, a humanistic town and a livable new town.

Yanzhi Automotive Technology New Media

We are committed to building an industrial B2B integrated platform based on content sharing and networking.

The current focus of the platform are: NEV, Intelligent vehicles; Vehicle lightweight, Intelligent manufacturing, Automotive HR management, and Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, our platform also cooperated or settled in many well-known platforms, such as the WeChat public platform, Sohu Auto, Toutiao, Baidu Baijia, Tencent video, iQiYi, Yoku Tudou, Qingting FM, and Ximalaya FM.

On the top of our exhibitions, trainings, communities and contents, we offer comprehensive solutions for companies in the value chain through communicating industrial technology, delivering advanced consulting service, and sharing industry experience via articles, voice and video.

Technical Exchange

Technical Exchange

Discuss Strategic And Technical Routes

Discuss Strategic And Technical Routes

Innovative Products And Technologies

Innovative Products And Technologies


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The Attendees

The Attendees:

260+satisfied senior attendees every year comprising decision makers from

90+companies and over30+countries worldwide


The Speaker Faculty

The Speaker Faculty:

25+global powerful speakers with a combined experience of over 500 years in the industry


Strong Background Cornerstone

Strong Background Cornerstone:

Proven track record of the previous 12 seating related forums, to present professional seating theme forum.


The Networking Opportunity

The Networking Opportunity:

16 hours of networking time including welcome dinner, panel discussion, networking lunches and open Q&As.


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  • Airbag
  • Seat Material
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