Fujitsu Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Fujitsu Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (FES) was established in August 2003 as Fujitsu’s semiconductor business representative in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has branch offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and Dalian to provide sales and service support to customers throughout China.
Main product offerings of Fujitsu Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. include Custom SoCs (ASICs), foundry services, application specific standard products (ASSPs), Ferro-Electric Random Access Memories (FRAMs) ,Relay, GaN (gallium nitride), MCU and Power Device, which can be provided separately or as a complete solution, and are widely used for high-performance optical communication network equipments, portable mobile terminals, imaging equipments, automobiles, industrial control, household appliances, wearable devices, medical electronics, power electronics and security/protection. More information, please go to http://www.fujitsu.com/cn/fes

For five decades, ESG has been one of the leading German companies in the development, integration and operation of complex, safety-related electronic and IT systems and currently has sales of over EUR 300 million. Some 2,000 employees in Germany and internationally working in the three business areas of ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY, CYOSS (Cyber Security and Data Analytics) and ESG MOBILITY provide products and services in logistics, systems development, training and consultation to a range of customers that includes public authorities as well as defence and industry organisations. Independent process and technology consultancy is one of ESG's key areas of expertise.

Encradar is a LiDAR solution provider established in 2016. Encradar is dedicated to the R&D of staring LiDAR, laser sensor, photonic chip, 3D reconstruction technologies for high-precision LiDAR with automotive-grade safety performance.

Unicom Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Intelligent Network Technology) was established in August 2015, with a registered capital of 170 million yuan. It is a professional subsidiary of China Unicom, which is fully responsible for automotive information services, and undertakes all the qualifications and business related to Unicom. It is also one of the important measures for China Unicom to transform its operation service and combine communication with vertical industry.
With the vision and mission of "the builder of a better car life", Intelligent Network Technology provides the industry with a comprehensive solution centered on vehicle networking and operation services. Intelligent Network Technology has been a leading enterprise in the development of the industry, so far, has served 63 car factories, the number of networked vehicles more than 30 million, market share more than 80%.

Shen Zhen Intelligence Ally Technology corporation
Shen Zhen Intelligence Ally Technology corporation is a high-tech enterprise focuses on intelligent unmanned systems. Aurora-I developed by Intelligence. Ally is a machine-intelligence platform with full awareness and decision-making functions. Aurora-I integrates sensors, high-precision positioning and mapping, 3D environment sensing, and intelligent decision making, providing a convenient and entire solution for the driverless system.

Kunchen Technology Co.,Ltd. is the most advanced domestic disciplinary company dedicated in UWB basic technical research, and was officially founded with the outcome of UESTC in 2015. With fully autonomous intellectual property rights UWB high-accuracy indoor-localization core technology, we have internationally leading level in positioning equipment, location information presentation and data mining software, localization and video data fusion applications.
Also our system positioning accuracy can be up to 1 centimeter, depending on our company’s independent and complete R&D system, most of our localization basic technology is world-wide leading edge. We can provide system integrators and end-users with all kinds of localization based requirements. We have accomplished several prison personnel localization projects turned out to be China’s first, and we have more successful cooperation cases with top domestic enterprises in driverless cars, industrial material localization,etc.

作为国内主动安全管理与服务领域的领导者,径卫视觉科技(上海)有限公司专注于车辆主动安全驾驶辅助系统与大数据服务,致力于为全国 2.9 亿辆机动车及 3.1 亿机动车驾驶从业人员提供安全保障及驾驶辅助服务,以基于 AI 和大数据分析驾驶员行为技术的主动安全防御系统来提升车辆及驾驶人员的在途安全指数,创造智慧驾驶新生态。

Autoroad is a high-tech and independent-innovation enterprise based on core sensors of intelligent driving system, located in Beijing, China and founded in 2014. We are committed in research & develop and related products supplying of automobile utility millimeter-wave radar system and SAR system.

Beijing sphyrna Technology Ltd was established in 2013, focusing on the binocular stereo vision core algorithm, with many patents, providing high-performance forward warning, lane offset, blind zone detection, fatigue driving and other solutions for commercial vehicle assisted safe driving as well as supplying related products.

Company Profile
ArcherMind Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, as a global leading intelligent technology expert, focusing on embedded software development, covering consumer electronics, automotive electronics, AI, Internet & Cloud and many other fields. ArcherMind established a long-term cooperative relationship with many international customers, and listed on the GEM in January 2017 (Stock name: 诚迈科技, Stock code: 300598) .

Beijing Yj-Data Technology Co., Ltd.
Yj-Data is a decision-making data provider in the Grand Tourism and Auto industry. It based on the Tera-Scale auto industry, extends to big data in tourism, shared travel, transportation, and supplier field. Yj-Data integrates cross-domain technology to accurately grasp market dynamics and provide high-quality data and analysis for market decisions.

CAROTA is a leading international one-stop OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrade solution provider focuses on the Automotive and IoT (Internet of Things) area. Specializing in OTA technology and deeply rooted in the China market. Founded in 2011, the company is invested by MediaTek, Trendmicro (lead globall security solution provider) and Singtel (the largest telco in Asia).
CAROTA has a team from different countries and culture. We believe in Technology Innovation and put substantial and sustainable resources on the development of OTA technology. CAROTA is committed to provide reliable, flexible, scalable and safe one-stop OTA solution to our customers.

GLOBAL Co., Ltd.
GLOBAL Co., Ltd.(www.glb-auto.com)is a leading supplier of the intelligent driving platform. And it also possesses the system matching capability, focusing on electronic control technology forward development. The main products include EPB, Air/Hydraulic ABS/ESC, IBC, AEB, LDW, APA, 360° panorama and other ADAS intelligent driving parts. The number of patents has exceeded 50. GLOBAL set up R&D and sales center in Shanghai and manufacturing & test basement which covers an area of 30000㎡ in Nantong. Now GLOBAL has totally 10 world leading dust-free assembly lines for brake assembly production lines for EPB, Air/Hydraulic ABS/ESC, IBC. The annual capacity has reached 100 sets, respectively.

About Arbe Robotics
Arbe Robotics is the world’s first company to demonstrate ultra high-resolution 4D imaging radar with post processing and SLAM. It is disrupting autonomous vehicle sensor development by bridging the gap between radar and optics with its proprietary imaging solution that provides optic sensor resolution with the reliability and maturity of radar technology for all levels of vehicle autonomy. Headquartered in Israel, Arbe has business development and customer service locations in China and the United States. The company was founded in 2015 and is backed by 360 Capital Partners, Canaan Partners Israel, iAngels, Maniv Mobility, OurCrowd, Taya Ventures, and O.G. Tech Ventures.

Shenzhen Echiev Autonomous Driving Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Echiev Autonomous Driving Technology Co., Ltd is a full-set autonomous driving solution provider, focuses on R&D of autonomous driving technology and products. Currently developing autonomous driving solutions for dedicated application scenarios and/or on public roads.
Echiev have finished all of these: vehicle modification for autonomous driving , FPGA design and validation for deep learning algorithms such as segmentation and detecting algorithms, the segmentation and detecting algorithm of LiDAR point-cloud, development and testing of the first autonomous driving IMU, as well as solutions for intelligent factory and intelligent harbour.

Beijing Aoto-Ai technology Co.
Beijing Aoto-Ai technology Co.is a domestic leading provider for car network business, which is committed to provide intelligent, humane, high-quality vehicular network services to global car companies and car owners. Beijing Aoto-Ai technology Co. broadly layouts underlying vehicle operating systems, connections between mobile phone and car, car network platform operations and car network data center in “cloud” forming a car network ecosystem loop from “cloud”to“client”, from “entrance”to“pay”. Driven by technical innovation, Beijing Aoto-Ai technology Co. science and technology Ltd. will create advanced, intelligent car network software and hardware technologies and products in the future.