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The seat is one of the important devices in the car body, which consists of a seat frame, a cushion, a backrest, a slide rail, and an adjustment mechanism. The car seat is based on ergonomics, plays support, positioning, and protection functions, and is an important functional part of the car. The quality of the seat design directly affects the safety and comfort of the ride, as well as the look and feel of the interior, and it occupies an important position in the overall safety technology of the vehicle. In 2020, the domestic car seat market is about 77.3 billion yuan, accounting for 23.6% of the world's total; it is estimated that by 2025, the scale of my country's car seat market is expected to reach 97.4 billion yuan, accounting for 23.9% of the world's total, and the CAGR for 2021-2025 is 4.7%.

Under the current trend of the "ACES" (Autonomous, Connected, Electrified, Shared Mobility), seat safety technology, smart technology, new material applications and other fields continue to innovate, playing an important role in future cockpit layout design, space utilization and enhancing consumer experience. As people’s pursuit of personalization and functionalization of car seats becomes increasingly intense, and industry competition continues to intensify, car seat manufacturers with low quality, lack of individuality, and ordinary designs will gradually lose their competitive advantages. But those manufacturing companies that can keep up with the needs of the times and the direction of technological development, and continue to design personalized, intelligent and technologically-sense new seat products that meet the needs of different groups of people will succeed in gaining the favor of downstream consumers. They can maintain and enhance their own competitiveness in the fierce market competition, and constantly occupy the market share, so as to obtain a broader space for development.

Organized by China Polaris Consulting Co., Ltd., supported by Yanzhi Automotive Technology New Media, the 4th China Automotive Seating Summit will be held on August 25th-26th in Suzhou. As the industry's leading communication platform, the China Automotive Seating Summit & Exhibition will be dedicated to serving decision makers in the automotive seating industry and winning the Chinese automotive seating market for participating guests. Under the theme of "seat innovation technology helps a better life", we will conduct in-depth discussions on the hot spots of the main OEM, seat assembly factory, seat parts factory, seat material and craft factory under the new situation, and bring a safer, more comfortable, intelligent and lightweight seat solution.

4th China Automotive Seating Summit & Exhibitong(ConferenceBackground-image)
Event Structure
4th China Automotive Seating Summit & Exhibitong(Event Structure)
4th China Automotive Seating Summit & Exhibitong(Event Highlight)
Day 1 Morning
25 August
Day 1 Afternoon
25 August
26 August
Sub Forum 1
26 August
Sub Forum 2
  • Innovative Development of Car Seat Technology
  • 08:00Conference registration
    08:50Welcome speech from the organizing committee
    08:55Opening speech from the chairman
  • 09:00The Current Status and Development Trend of the Global and Chinese Car Seat Industry
  • 09:30From Function to Intelligence: Innovative Design of Car Seats in the Era of Autonomous Driving
  • 10:00Current Status of the Research on Dynamic Seating Comfort and Introduction to Relevant Standards
  • 10:30Coffee Networking and Exhibition Visit
  • 11:00Platform and Modular Development of New Energy Vehicle Seat System
  • 11:30Digital Solutions for Car Seats and Interiors
  • 12:00Intelligent Seat Solutions Reshape a New Driving Experience
  • 12:30Luncheon
Past Review
2021 Wonderful Review

The “3rd China Automotive Seating Summit” was successfully concluded at Shanghai Longemont Hotel, on 20-21 May 2021. According to the organizer statistics, a total of 426 people participated in the conference. The proportion of end users and suppliers was 53% and 47%. It has facilitated nearly 130 one-no-one meetings, 28 keynote speeches and 1 panel discussion were arranged successively.

2020 Wonderful Review

“The exchange of technology, the collision of inspiration, and the conference is rich in content, I hope it will be better!”


“The conference is generally very good and the content is very comprehensive. Looking forward to the next year!”

Changchun FAWAY Adient

“The Huashan Sword in the Seating Session!”

The Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center Co., Ltd.

“A comprehensive understanding of the current and future trends in seat comfort, the participation effect is good.”

Dongfeng Lear Automotive Seating Co Ltd.

“Explain the profound things in a simple way, it is worth listening to, and the effect is very good”

Chongqin Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.

“The conference is well arranged, and I look forward to participating next time!”