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This year, under the low development of the automobile industry, the production and sales of new energy vehicles have risen against the trend, which has a big relationship with the state policies that are conducive to the promotion and development of the new energy automobile industry: 20 May, The Ministry of Transport and the National Development and Reform Commission and other 12 ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Green Travel Action Plan (2019-2022)". It is planned to build a green travel service system with reasonable layout by 2022, with aim for eco-friendly, clean, low-carbon and intensive high-efficiency. The travel environment has improved significantly; Under the circumstance, the world is continuing to promote the research and development of NEVs. The development of NEV has officially shifted from “demonstration application” to “promotion and application”, and China’s automobile industry has also undergone transformation and upgrading. A period of strategic opportunity from big to strong.

Based on the past 9 successful New Energy Vehicle Forums, Polaris will host the 10th China International New Energy Vehicle Forum on 10th September to 11th September in Shanghai. The series of New Energy Vehicle Forum successfully invited government units and research institutions included the National Development and Reform Commission, World Electric Vehicle Association & Academician, IAHE and WADE, Chinese Academy of Engineering, SAE International, and industry experts from OEM's and Integrated Components. Enterprises like BMW group、 Mercedes-Benz、Chery Jaguar Land Rover、Volkswagen、AUDI, BYD、SAIC Group, BAIC Moto, Continental, Denson, LG to discuss about New Energy Vehicle Industry Policy trends, technology roadmap and challenges, business models and infrastructure, and won the praise of people in and outside the industry.

In the upcoming 2020, in order to thank you for the support and attention to series of forums, organizing committee will hold 10th China International New Energy Vehicle Forum which is the largest involving 5 forums, award ceremony, cocktail party and one-on-one meeting. We will invite global OEMs, powertrain companies, battery and fuel cell companies, thermal management suppliers, charging and energy storage companies, core technology providers, and government officials, nearly 1000 people come together, in 2 days, to make more constructive and strategic discussion in New Energy Vehicle industry.

10th China International New Energy Vehicle Forum Organization Committee

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Invited enterprises and guests
Invited enterprises and guests
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Including more new energy vehicle types,integrating multi-faceted demand for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc.


21st successfully foundation of automotive forums, to create a comprehensive multi-an-gle new energy vehicle forum.


50+ authoritative speakers, bringing together global technology sharing from Japan, South Korea,Europe and the United States, and with a higher degree of internationalization.


1000 experts to build an annual premiere event for the new energy vehicle industry.


Brand building is more diverse and customized; multi-types interactive forms, including coffee break, booths, penal talking, awards ceremonies, cocktail party and one-on-one meeting.


8 years of high-level professional forum qualifications, renowned as services, based on one-on-one contact in business communication.


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Forum Structure

10th September


  • Powertrain ForumPowertrain Key Technology Transformation and Process Improvement
  • Next Generation Power Battery ForumPower Battery Safety Issues and the Rise of Next-generation Batteries


  • Powertrain ForumUpgrade and Innovation of Powertrain Core Components
  • Charging Facilities and Energy Storage ForumDigital Charging Facility Construction and Intelligent Energy Storage


  • Cocktail Party & Award Ceremony
11th September


  • FCV ForumFuture Hydrogen Station Construction and Hydrogen Generation Technology
  • Thermal Management ForumVehicle Thermal Management Simulation and Battery Thermal Management


  • FCV ForumSustainable Development and Key Technologies of FCV
  • Thermal Management ForumThermal Runaway, Thermal Safety and Powertrain Thermal Management

Awards Ceremony


NEV Industry Outstanding Contribution Award Best NEV Core Technology Innovation Award
Best NEV Electronic Control Enterprise Award Annual Best NEV Battery Equipment Award
Best Transmission Technology Innovation Award Annual Best Battery Technology Innovation Award
NEV Powertrain System Excellent Enterprise Award Annual Excellence Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Project Award
Annual Hydrogen Refueling Station Construction Outstanding Achievement Award Outstanding Fuel Cell Diaphragm Technology Award
Annual Automotive Thermal Management System Innovation Design Award Best Charging Technology Innovation Enterprise Award

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