Global Automotive Pipeline Forum2020

Event Background

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the demand for cars is increasing, and the demand for the quality of cars is increasingaccordingly.Automobile piping as a very important auto parts in transfer and assembling, concern the safety of vehicle and passengers.However, during the assembly process, there will be interference between pipes and pipes and between pipes and other auto parts, this will causes quality risks and safety risks.Light situation is need to return to the factory for maintenance; heavy situation, or will cause huge losses to customers.

In recent years, due to fuel system, brake system and other piping design layout unreasonable, unstandardized operations etc. and other problems caused by recalls and accidents is never stop.At the same time, under the background of rapid development of automobile manufacturing technology, automobiles are becoming increasingly new energy, intelligent and lightweight. In order to comply with the new development trend of automobile industry, what’s the new requirements have been put forward for our automobile pipeline industry, and what’s the new opportunities and challenges will we face?

Based on the experience of holding more than 10 automotive pipeline related activities, in response to the needs of the majority of participants, Organized by Polaris, supported by Yanzhi Automotive Technology New Media, strategic partner of the event, Global Automotive Pipeline Forum 2020 will be hold in Shanghai China on 30th-31th July 2020.The theme of this event is "New Energy Vehicle•New Materials•New Technology•New Opportunities",it will analyze and share the current situation and future development trend of automobile pipeline market, key technologies of automobile pipeline, new materials and technologies. More than 400 industry experts including OEMs, auto parts, pipeline assemblymanufacturer, advanced materials, pipe fitting equipment, testing and software design etc. are expected to attend. We are looking forward to your participation.

About Organizer

China Polaris Consulting Co., Ltd. is the integrated service provider for automotive industry. We focus on new energy vehicle, intelligent connected vehicle, automotive lightweight, automotive thermal management, car design,automotive human resources management, automotive seating, automotive lighting, automotive finance and other sections. Over the past eight years, we have provided conference and exhibition, technical training, site tour and consulting, resource docking, investment and financing and other services for more than 10,000 enterprises and institutions around the world.

We have professional planning, marketing, customer service team, with independent service brand, and we also undertake large-scale service project for government, associations, universities, enterprises.

Event Highlights
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Conference Agenda
Global Automotive Pipeline Forum2020-Conference Agenda
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