2nd China Automotive Seating Summit 2020

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Event Background

With the increasing popularity of automobile consumption, consumers have put forward higher requirements for automotive products: energy saving, aesthetics, safety, comfort, intelligence, and environmental protection. Car seat chairs are also gradually developing in the direction of lightweight, intelligent and environmental protection. The innovation of car seats plays an important role in the environmental protection, comfort, aesthetics and intelligence of the automobile industry. In the world's largest auto market, how do companies have a global vision and participate in domestic and international division of labor and competition? This is a very real problem.

Judging from the regional market competition pattern, at present, although China is the number one country in the global automobile market production and sales, the car seat market has long been occupied by foreign capital or joint ventures. According to statistics, the global car seat industry market is almost divided by the United States, Japan and Europe. Among them, North American seat manufacturers account for nearly half of the global market share, Japanese manufacturers account for about 30%, European manufacturers only account for about 13%, and the rest 7% are distributed by manufacturers in other countries.

Sponsored by Ximai Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., directed by the People's Government of Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, China International Automotive Seating Summit, supported by Automotive Technology New Media and Asia-Pacific Electric Vehicle Association, will be held on July 30th-31th. Held in Shanghai. As the industry's leading communication platform, China International Car Seating Forum will be dedicated to serving corporate decision makers in the car seat industry and winning the Chinese car seat market for the participants. Under the theme of “Technology Innovation Leads the Perfect Seating Experience”, we will conduct in-depth discussions on the hotspots of the main engine factory, the seat assembly factory, the seat parts factory, the seat materials and the craft factory under the new situation. A safer, more comfortable, smarter, lightweight seat solution.

Event Structure

  • July 30th AM
  • Opening Remarks
  • Session 1. Seat Development Trend and Lightweight Design
  • market size / trend forecast / EPP / lightweight / leather materials
  • Con-current One-on-One Meetings
  • Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting
  • July 30th PM
  • Session 2. Seat Intelligence and Safety
  • Interactive function / driverless / smart / driving safety
  • Con-current One-on-One Meetings
  • Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting
  • July 31th AM
  • Session 3. Discussion on Seat Comfort
  • seat adjustment / seat simulation / ultimate comfort
  • Con-current One-on-One Meetings
  • Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting
  • July 31th PM
  • Session 4. Seat Craft Technology Future
  • foaming / thermoplastic / digital / laser welding
  • Con-current One-on-One Meetings
  • Coffee Break & Exhibition Visiting
  • Closing Remarks

Event Highlights

2nd China Automotive Seating Summit 2020-Event Highlights

Who Should Attend

Vehicle Manufacturers、Seat Assembly、Seat Frame、Regulator、Slide/Airbag、Seat Production and Processing、Seat Material 、Others
Chairman/President/CEO、Senior Vice President、Vice President、General Manager、Chief Engineer/Director、Chief Representative、 Technical Director、Engineer、Others

Past Review

2019 Wonderful Review

The “China International Automotive Seating Summit” was successfully concluded at Crowne Plaza Pudong Hotel, Shanghai on 14-15 March 2019. According to the organizer statistics, 268 people participated in the conference. The proportion of end users and suppliers was 53% and 47%. It has facilitated nearly 28 one-to-one meetings, and 26 keynote speeches were arranged successively.

After the event, a total of 134 people participated in our satisfaction survey, 121 of them expressed great satisfaction and were willing to continue to participate in the next event, 13 people expressed unwillingness or waiting to confirm. Most of the guests presented us with better suggestions for improvement and looked forward to the next event. Thanks to all the suggestions and support to us, these will better help us improve the content of the meeting and improve the quality of service!

“Seeking truth and being pragmatic, professional and thoughtful”

Geely Automobile

“A big party for seat colleagues and a good platform for communication. It is a great honor to participate.”


“First time to participate in and benefits a lot, thanks to the organization and coordination of Polaris”


“At this meeting, I learned about the latest technology of seats from the aspects of intelligence, comfort and so on.”

Changchun Faway Adient

“Research Institute Very targeted, a grand event in the seating industry”

Yibin Tongji Auto

“Industry summit that can learn knowledge”

WeiFangShi HuaDu Auto parts co.,LTD

“Professional knowledge sharing from the OEM, seat suppliers, material manufacturers, a large amount of knowledge, organized well, great.”

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle

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