4th China Auto Human Resource Summit 2020

Event Background

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought unprecedented impact to the auto industry, and even to some extent disrupt the pace and pace of industrial transformation and upgrading. But it also gives us the opportunity to think in cold. Although the impact of the epidemic on the industry can not be underesti- mated, but for enterprises, the long-term goal of transformation to intelligent and electric is unshakable. Especially after the end of the epidemic, in response to the "post epidemic era", enterprises need to seize the opportunity, make accurate efforts, implement policies, and respond to the future development with new strategies. If enterprises want to retain the fire of innovation and enhance competitiveness in the crisis, the core is still in talent and team. Only the innovation team that has experienced the market beating can provide a stable foundation for the transformation of enterprises. Especially in the "post epidemic era", the competition of talents is the key to the competition among enterprises.

According to the prediction of "manufacturing talent development planning guide" jointly issued by the Ministry of education, the Ministry of human resources and social security, and the Ministry of industry and information technology, China's talent demand in the field of new energy vehicles will be increased in 2020 In terms of intelligent Internet connection, the talent development report of China intelligent network connection automobile shows that the total number of intelligent connected automobile talents in the whole industry is less than 20000. In addition, talents such as machine learning and unmanned driving are urgently needed by Chinese automobile enterprises. Traditional automobile enterprises cultivate more traditional talents, but the new industrial reform needs more cross-border talents, as well as high-end talents in the intelligent Internet and other forward-looking fields.

Sponsored by Ximai business consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and supported by Yanzhi automotive technology new media, the China automotive industry human resources summit will be held in Shanghai from December 17 to 18, 2020. As an industry-leading communication platform, China automotive industry human resources summit will continue to serve the core management and human resources departments of the automotive industry, and win the human capital solutions for the participants. Under the theme of "transformation, breakthrough and remodeling of human resources under the era change", we will conduct in-depth discussion on the hot spots of main engine plants, spare parts factories and automobile industry related enterprises under the new situa- tion, cross-border and traditional, breakthrough and challenge, so as to provide you with the best platform for communication in the field of automobile human resources.

Event Structure

4th China Auto Human Resource Summit 2020-Event Structure

Award Ceremony

China Auto Human Resource Award Ceremony

4th China Auto Human Resource Summit 2020-Award Ceremony

Event Highlights

4th China Auto Human Resource Summit 2020-Event Highlights

Focus on hot issues

Trend and reform of automobile talents 2020
  • ● Thoughts on HR of automobile industry brought by an epidemic
  • ● The changes of labor relations brought by the epidemic Larus
  • ● Automobile digital talent demand highlights under the catalysis of war epidemic in 2000
  • ● China automobile industry human resources award ceremony
  • ● Talent development trend in the age of 20 vuca
  • ● Exploration on the new training mode of applied automobile talents in Germany under the background of 50 industry 4.0
  • 11
Organizational transformation and transformational leadership
  • ● Key success factors of OD transformation and upgrading
  • ● The choice of strategy and tactics in organiza- tional change
  • ● Enterprise cost reduction and efficiency increase under the epidemic situation after 2000: Practice Innovation of HR + three pillars of human resource management
  • ● Human resource management of non human resource managers
  • ● How to break organizational boundaries and improve cross domain leadership
  • ● Practical cases of skilled personnel transfor- mation under the reform of automobile industry
  • ● Round table discussion: how can HR system benefit from the transformation of digital wave in automobile industry?
Sub Forum 1 Practice of recruitment and salary innovation
  • ● Inspiration of auto industry recruitment in post epidemic era
  • ● How to use talent evaluation to check employee value
  • ● Talent evaluation system - accurate and intelligent talent evaluation tool
  • ● Explore the new channel of organiza-tional incentive and growth HR management
  • ● Breaking through isolation, E-contract signing is safer and more efficient
  • ● Smart pay 2.0
  • ● Human cost optimization of automobile industry
  • ● Partner and long-term incentive mechanism innova- tion in the transformation environment!
  • ● Big data and AI empowerment to improve the efficiency of auto manpower recruitment
  • ● Science and technology salary software, solve the complex salary problem!
  • ● Data leading comprehensive recruit- ment management
Sub Forum 2 Comprehensive training and welfare strategy
  • ● Training for automobile enterprises to enhance their comprehensive competitive- ness
  • ● Improve incentive mechanism and promote cost optimization
  • ● Mobile learning makes learning acces- sible
  • ● The development trend and implemen- tation of corporate welfare
  • ● Make enterprise learning the driving force of business
  • ● Reshape the value of training and empower the automobile industry
  • ● Efficiency revolution: how to make enterprise training more effective
  • ● Make welfare "distracted + interesting"
  • ● Upgrade the comprehensive incentive plan to create a culture of struggle
  • ● New welfare experience in digital age
  • ● Activating talents and empowering employees: Turning training into business results

Who Should Attend Sector

  • >> Vehicle manufacturers
  • >> Auto parts
  • >> Autonomous driving
  • >> Automotive electronics Internet of vehicles artificial intelligence
  • >> Auto finance, financial leasing
  • >> Automotive Aftermarket
  • >> Human resource service outsourcing
  • >> Enterprise management consulting and human resource consulting
  • >> Talent evaluation and evaluation
  • >> E-learning and management training
  • >> Talent hunting and recruitment
  • >> Human resource management software
  • >> Others
  • >> President
  • >> CEO
  • >> Vice President
  • >> Deputy General
  • >> Director of human resources
  • >> Human resource manager
  • >> Human resource consultant
  • >> Analysts
  • >> Lawyer
  • >> legal adviser
  • >> Others
  • >>
  • >>
  • >>
  • >>
  • >>

2019 Wonderful Review

"The third China automotive industry human resources summit 2019" has been successfully concluded in Shanghai from July 30 to 31, 2019. According to the relevant statistics of the organizers after the meeting, a total of 291 people attended the meeting, of which 210 were from vehicle manufacturers and spare parts enterprises. The proportion of end users and suppliers was 72% and 28% respectively. Nearly 28 one-to-one docking activities and 26 keynote speeches were arranged successively.

In 2019, a total of 232 people participated in our satisfaction survey, of which 206 people expressed their satisfaction They are very satisfied and are willing to continue to participate in the next activity, and 26 people are not willing or to be discussed. Most of the guests have put forward better suggestions for improvement and look forward to the participation of the next session. Thank you for your advice and support, which will help us to improve the content of the meeting and improve the quality of service!

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