Car Door System Technology Innovation Annual Congress 2020
With high cost-effectiveness, focus on industry hotspots: Door system intelligent technology, closure parts testing technology, comfort and safety optimization, lightweight door and parts technology
24+ Global authoritative speakers, with high degree of internationalization
Longitudinal runs through upstream and downstream enterprises, horizontally focusing on multiple door system technology, and successively larger proportion of previous cooperative enterprises
Focus on business meetings, senior forum qualifications, and renowned on-site referral services
Supported by 30+ well-known industry media, with a customized brand solution
Nearly 200 vehicle thermal management industry professionals attending
Professional Teams with 8 years Successfully Auto Industry Summit Organization
Event Background

Automobiles are developing in the direction of intelligence, which has become an undisputed megatrend. Since it is still in the initial stage of exploration, many OEMs are trying some innovations. The definition and function of car doors have changed a lot in the new situation of rapid Iterating of auto industry. They are facing multiple challenges including comfort and light weight, intelligence and safety.

Organized by Polaris Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., co-organized by the Yanzhi Automotive Technology New Media, the Car Door System Technology Innovation Annual Congress 2020 will be held on December 10 - 11 in Shanghai. The summit will invite Well-known worldwide OEMs, door system assembly manufacturers, body electronics manufacturers, door parts manufacturers, door process manufacturers, door material companies, safety simulation testing and government officials and so on, over 200 industry professionals together, deep discussion on vehicles door system topics from the aspects of domestic and international status and trends, also issues such as technological needs and possible innovations for future development.

As the industry's leading communication platform, the Car Door System Technology Innovation Annual Congress 2020 will explore the core development trend of the vehicle door system industry, collecting domestic and international industrial forces, and explore the various possibilities in door system integration and door component technology. Under the theme of “Smart Door with new tech, enjoy driving with new concept”, let’s break through mediocrity with innovative thinking and changing with innovators.

Car Door System Technology Innovation Annual Congress 2020-ConferenceBackground
Forum Structure

10th Dec. DAY 1

Start with: Door System Intelligent Technology and Safety

· Honda "Gesture Controlled Power Sliding Door"

· Door Assembly System Integrated Layout and Closure Quality Design

· Innovative Electronic Unit Integrated Door System Whole Domain Control

· Collision Requirements for Door Latch and Design to Improve Safety Performance

· In-Talk: New generation of car door, design with intelligent electrification, comfort, light weight and safety


11th Dec. DAY 2

Development Integrated with advanced tech, lightweight and Comfort

· New Ultra-light Door Solution

· NEW Concept—High-strength Lightweight Glass Integration and Surface Display

· New Process Applied to Door System

· Assembly Standard and Processing Optimization of Door Hinge and Check-link

· Sealing System and Door NVH Research


Car Door System Technology Innovation Annual Congress 2020-Forum Structure
To be invited
Car Door System Technology Innovation Annual Congress 2020-To be invited
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Car Door System Technology Innovation Annual Congress 2020-Highly Complimentary Remarks We Received

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