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As automotive manufacturers continue to introduce new digital services and autopilot function, innovation is the important role in this field. Whether the high-end vehicle manufacturer, the economical vehicle manufacturer or parts companies, they all clearly see that the technology of automotive intelligent networking is important for their future development. In the next five years, intelligent connected vehicle will change the entire ecosystem of the automobile industry. With the semi-automatic driving and the consequent of fully automated driving, bring the auto industry business and explore the field of digital opportunities.
10 Times Held Experience on Automotive Industry Forum, Shanghai International Automobile City and Polaris will host the 2nd China International Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum on 16th to 17th November in Shanghai, co-organize by Shanghai International Automobile City Development Service Co.,Ltd. The series of vehicle forum successfully invited industry experts from OEMs included BMW Group, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen, Audi, BYD, SAIC and Beijing Automotive to discuss about vehicle industry policy trends, technology roadmap and challenges, business models and infrastructure, and won the praise of people in and outside the industry.
In the end of 2017, in order to thank you for the support and attention to series of vehicle forums, organizing committee will be held the China International Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum which is the most professional ICV forum which included 3 forums and 1 dinner, nearly 300 people will come together to discuss the opportunities and strategies in Intelligent Network Vehicle Industry.
The Organizing Committee of China International Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum
Forum Structure

Forum 1:Intelligent Connected Vehicle Development Trend Analysis, Domestic and Foreign Project Analysis and Intelligent Transportation

  • Cater to China 2025, Promote the Development of Intelligent Connected Vehicle
  • mart Cars,V2X, Vehicle Information Services: The Structure and Phase of Point, Line and Network
  • Intelligent Vehicle Tech Innovation Revolution
  • ITS/ICV Development Should be Divided into Different Stages
  • The Convergence of ITS and ICV Development
  • Forum 2:Telematics Technology and V2X Future Development

  • Opportunities and Challenges for Automotive Semiconductors
  • Discussion on the Latest Technology of Telematics
  • Application of 4G Network in the Automotive Industry
  • Time Share Lease-Building a Nation Shared Vehicle
  • Integration of Smart Cars and Mobile Internet Operation
  • Forum 3:Intelligent Vehicle ADAS Driving Assistance System and Autonomous Driving Technology

  • Discussion the Solution of ADAS and Autonomous Driving
  • Performance and Matching Test of ADAS Driving Assistance System
  • Importance and Development Prospect of HMI used in Autonomous Driving
  • Importance of High Precision Maps for Intelligent Driving
  • Radar and Sensor Core Technology of Driving Assistance System
  • Site Tour, 15 th November 2017

  • 1.Visit Shanghai TRW Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd
  • 2.Visit National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Pilot Demonstration Area (Shanghai) (Booked, only available when no testing)
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