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At present, many countries in the world have passed laws aimed at continuously improving fuel efficiency and carbon emissions standards. China pays more attention to car energy saving than other countries. Since the weight of the car has a direct impact on its fuel efficiency, these laws drive the automotive industry to replace heavy parts in some systems with lighter substitutes, resulting in reduced vehicle weight. At present, many auto manufacturers, including China, are aggressively developing advanced materials and technologies to help reduce vehicle weight and meet emissions and fuel efficiency requirements.
At this stage, lightweight materials, vehicle design, manufacturing processes and other aspects of research and application have made a breakthrough. However, the lightweight technology has subverted the traditional car manufacturing process, brought a whole industry change, made the development of the industry facing a series of new problems, such as lightweight evaluation and testing standards are not yet perfect, the lack of integration between industries, high cost of new materials, the inherent development model has not yet broken and so on. Therefore, there is an urgent need to adjust their thinking, to face the challenges brought by industry changes.
Based on the proven track record of the previous ten vehicle forums, China Lightweight Vehicles 2017, organized by Polaris, co-organized by National Auto and Parts Export Base will be held on 16th-17th November in Shanghai, China. As China’s leading vehicle conference, it will continue to serve as the leading platform for major industry players to win China strategies. Under the theme of “Lightweight to Lead the Automotive Technology Future Development Trends” we will address the most crucial issues which determine your performance objectives in China. CLVF 2017 will help you to better analyze of China’s dynamic lightweight industry and further identify the strategic role of China in your global business plan.
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